The first other Trapper spot we've found is just west of Strawberry, or a medium-length ride south-west of Valentine. Bayou Nwa Stranger Cabin in RDR2 is a location you can visit in the game. Anyone else wanted to see the grouchy Mountain Man from the saloon in Valentine make a cameo in a cutscene during story missions? The only problem is … Bucket Hat. ... maybe you want to go to the Valentine saloon and take the Raccoon Mountain Hat from ... dad rock, complaining about movies, and being the self-appointed office funny man, which nobody else agrees with. Where to find and hunt Moose in RDR2. Mount Shann is a mountain range located to the North of Strawberry on the west side of the map. There’s a rare sighting in Red Dead Redemption 2 that has players spooked. On a full-moon there’s a chance you might hear a wild howling. You can check out the above map for the best locations to hunt moose in RDR 2 but we have also brought to you a … Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive, sprawling adventure that takes us across a map bigger than any other Rockstar game.It makes sense that there are tons of mysteries lying in wait. • Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat (mountain man inside Valentine's saloon, appears mostly at night, has many but limited encounters) • Liberty Hat (Chapter II mission "An American Pastoral Scene" and stranger's mission "A Fine Night For it" during the second wave, may take a … He's got a tent, a stall and a … An NPC named Jon, who is found drunk at the Valentine Saloon between 12 PM and 5 AM, will be wearing this hat from Chapter 2 till Chapter 6. Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat. Outfits are Garments, Clothing and Costumes that players may obtain by visiting Outfitters and General Stores . Even though the game has only been out for a matter of weeks, most of those secrets have been discovered. The Mountain Man Effect YOU MAY ALSO READ. ... Valentine Style” in Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 2, you will get to encounter the Constipated Man. Treasure hunts are a great way to get your hands on a lot of cash in Red Dead Redemption 2 without getting your hands near as dirty as you would pulling off a robbery. Featured Videos. The Mountain Man is an Outfit in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Blind Man Cassidy tells fortunes in RDR2 for a dollar. Fighting the Raccoon Man in Red Dead Redemption 2's Valentine Bar to get the secret Raccoon Hat. Each treasure hunt rewards a certain number of gold bars, which can be sold at the camp or to a fence for cold hard cash, so tracking down each clue can quickly add up to a big chunk of change.