Salt water tends to keep the cuticle open. You need to work out whether you have applied a colourant which contains gold, copper or red as one of its tones, or whether your hair has lightened in the colouring process and ‘kicked up’ your natural warmth. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scott Cornwall Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover at Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover - Removes Unwanted Permanent hair colour, Bleach, Peroxide & Ammonia Free Formula - Cruelty Free Vegan Friendly At Home Salon Style Partial and Full Hair Dye Removal at You will need to use such a shampoo once you are grey/white anyway. Best Scott. A notable factor about Reduction Agents is they have a sulphur smell, which can often be likened to eggs. Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Remover (Hair Care): 2.2 out of 5 stars from 131 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site With this approach you are colourizing your white hair to a ivory silver and when this intermixes with the dark hair it will create a more silver medium grey effect. This happens when a peroxide is applied immediately after you use a remover. I started with a bicarbonate cleanse then used the colour remover. What I would like to do next is go lighter. If you notice the hair is fading off, you can jump to using Decolour Stripper to get the lot out. Then do a few similar 4 inch lines at the side of the head. The reduction agent ingredient then enters the cortex (the hair’s central area), locates the synthetic colour pigments, shrinks and shatters them. Applying the white conditioner to the hair (before the pink), dilutes the pink a little. Prior to any hair colour removal, stripping or correction, be sure to clarify the hair fully. When I got to the rinsing stage, I rinsed for 5 mins, and as per one of your other responses to hair re-darkening, I wrapped in a towel for half an hour and then rinsed again. However, before using the product check, the following points do not apply to you;-, 1. Hi Millie. Best Scott, Hi, I’ve used a hair colour remover on my hair which has taken most of the colour off as it was a red/mahogany colour and is now a light brown and the ends are gingery. If you have established that your hair has gone too warm, golden, copper or red due to the lightening of your natural shade, you have a choice as to how you fix it. However, not everyone gets pure white hair. Many of us go grey in patches and the remaining dark areas can cause problems when you try to lighten it up, as it kicks up so much warmth. Does the stripper smell the same?? How would I strip my hair so it was even and not as two toned (or 4 toned)… so I then have an even base to apply the copper red to? Explore Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Stripper. Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper is a two-in-one hair colour remover and lightener that safely removes natural and artificial colour pigment and enables effective and immediate recolouring. The Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper is a great at-home colour remover that’s extremely gentler on the hair, compared to bleaching, and is easy to use and works well too. I am wondering should i do another treatment of the remover in a week or should i use the stripper instead? However, when you get to the rinsing phase, make sure you rinse for at least 5 minutes under comfortable hot, steaming water. Reduction Agent ingredients work in the opposing principle to oxidation, which is the technology from which permanent colouring works. I then but a cherry semi permanent, no ammonia dye & it went even darker (the opposite of what I wanted). A password will be sent to your email address. Good tip, is to pluck the crochet hook in very quickly and pull straight out with the hook at positioned at an almost horizontal angle. I have dark blonde hair colour (7?) PART 3 – CONCLUDE BALM However, at some point (in months to come) you are going to start see a lot more darker hair appearing nearer the top sections. Hi There, if you believe the colour you are now seeing is your natural colour (as it would be) then it is fine to use a high lift tint. However, a Partial Removal enables you to focus on specific sections only where the artificial colour may have become patchy or built up. Should I try a darker grey semi or will it need a permanent ? A stripper colour cleanse treatment can remove direct dye, but always strand test first to make sure the hair is healthy enough to withstand the treatment. View Scott Cornwall Decolour Hair Colour Remover. This will do two things, a) it will neutralise the warmth in the non highlighted hair but b) it will create a very cool ash in the highlighted hair. Best Scott, Your email address will not be published. I’d use Decolour Remover on the hair, but be cautious about using the T18 toner as it might over deposit again. You just need to use a very mild pastel pink on it. A permanent colourant with a 10 volume developer is pretty gentle and whilst it cannot lighten it will cover natural white. Thanks a lot! When exposing natural white hair, you will generally need two Decolour Remover applications one week apart. I have my hair highlighted. Someone recommended your colour remover to me today, Hi Kate. Help can I put on my normal brown shade straight away? Can I put on a permanent hair colour next, I was thinking of something like L’oreal Excellence Light Ash blond 9.1 or lighter to achieve a lighter cool blonde look. If you are thinking about getting highlights in the future, I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to get your overall base lightened. If you have lightened and wish to return to your natural shade, you should apply a gentle tone on tone colourant one shade lighter than your natural colour. Now, the colour to lighten is what’s confusing me. I don’t want orange hair, and don’t know what to do. Here my hair is freshly washed with clarifying shampoo, rinsed (No conditioning!!) This just was super copper and they formulated a light brown pearl to counteract the copper. By stripping in panels, then spending 6 to 8 weeks allowing the hair to rest and only using a semi-permanent colourant, your hair will normalise and in a couple of months take a permanent colourant well. Direct colours are notable because they do not require intermixing with a peroxide-based developer. If you have applied a neutral or ash-based colourant and are seeing warmth, it’s because your natural shade was too dark for the colourant applied, and possibly needed pre-lightening or stripping first. Therefore, someone who is naturally a 7/Copper would find their hair is like a warm sandy blonde. Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users have the best experience. Yes you can use Decolour Stripper to get the hair blonde after you have used a hair colour remover. From your description (blue,purple,ombre) it sounds like the colour is kind of removing, but you have patches of colour. A hair colour remover is not designed to remove direct dyes. It is far better to wait a week and three washes, so allow any artificial colour molecules, remaining inside the hair to be flushed out and deactivated. I’d suggest buying a strawberry milkshake coloured pastel pink and firstly coating the hair in some white conditioner, then applying the light pastel pink. However, redheads tend to suffer the most from re-oxidation (due to the sulphur content in their hair), therefore it is possible she could see some shadowing of the darker colour re-appearing. If you are looking to go blonde, obtaining a dark blonde base shade can prove a good canvas for highlights. For the forseeable future you will be able to create a good grey shade without the need for any kind of permanent colour intervention. Once you can see enough of your natural grey is exposed (overtime) you can stop using it and just allow the hair to look grey. Thank You x. Hi Jill, No don’t use a permanent just yet. Hi, thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement! This innovative remover and lightener removes all types of hair colour and helps lighten the hair. So (firstly) what you want to do is clarify your hair, don’t condition but do dry it 100%. Then all you need to do is use only purple shampoos and Colour Restore Iced Platinum to tone this hair white. Would really love some advice to get a lighter canvas, I know it has a Lot of build up of colour over the years. If you have established that it was the shade that has caused your hair to go warm, golden, copper or red due to the secondary tones featured in the product, applying a hair colour remover should rectify this issue. However, if you have removed an artificial colour and then experience re-oxidation, it means those reduced synthetic colour molecules did not effectively flush from the hair during the rinsing stage. The hair looks warm because the hair’s underlying natural red and gold pigments were exposed by the lightening action of those previous permanent colourants applied. Covering the hair in cling film will trap the heat from the scalp between the cap and the cling film, making sure the lifting action of the stripper is boosted. Hi! I have dyed my level 6 hair with an 8.1 dye which came out brown so i tried removing this colour with a vit c and shampoo. If you use my Decolour Remover product (which is the red box) you will get the brown out, but you are going to see warmth. Ask them to lift the hair (in the foils) as pale as they can get it, then after they have rinsed the lightener out, they should cover the whole hair in a permanent silver ash toner. Available online today at Boots. Back to work on Monday! But be mindful that the hade will be (what I call) ‘raw’. If you apply it throughout the whole head it will lighten all the non grey hair and so you won’t get as easier transition into your natural colour as it grows. The fact is, you now wish that colour result to be gone. Leaving an inch between each line. From here, if you then use the Lilac toner and only wash in blue shampoos, you should find the hair takes on a lighter/cooler appearance without you needing to applying any bleaches. This hasn’t been done since Jan. Afterall, natural grey hair is created due to the combination of pure white and dark hairs. If the water is too much on the cool side, this can cause the cuticle to start to close and it traps the colour molecules inside the hair. I would then like to put a pastel pink in it. Best Scott, Thank you so much Scott! Aqua (Water), Sodium Oxymethylene Sulfoxylate, Myristyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetrimonium Chloride, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Parfum (Fragrance). 2. It should be the colour of a McDonalds Strawberry Milkshake. Next repeat your strand test and you should see removal. I know I can’t miraculously have exactly what I want/had within a day, unless I cut it ten inches shorter because I’ve shrivelled it up and wrecked it from overusing products. Best Scott . Clarify the hair and towel dry, apply Decolour Remover directly from the applicator bottle and immediately and quickly start to work through the damp hair. I need you to tell me which colour restore to put in my hair. Best Scott. As a result of my extensive online review-based research on the various home colour removal products available, I knew I had to prepare myself for three things, no matter which I ended up choosing: Hi, sorry I did not see your message before. I dyed it the same shade once more, and now am unable to dye it again as I don’t want to damage my hair further. I’m not unrealistic, I know it’s a constant work in progress. I previously was chocolate brown with light brown & honey highlift highlights. Then you could get the highlights I suggest above and create your overall bronde shade. Hi Scott, Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover is a super strength formula, specially created to remove permanent colour and dark build-up. This should remove any build-up from the hair. Colour Restore Lilac Grey can only display as ‘Lilac Grey’ on white hair; if someone with warm hair uses it, the hair will take on a cool-muted tone. Best Scott, Hello, Anyway, 15 minutes and it had gone ORANGE!!!! Or is bleach & tone my only option? A hair colour remover is not designed to remove direct dyes. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse. I did use your clarifying shampoo beforehand. My hair is coloured a dark Brown, which was my colour year’s ago. It was live metallic blue and I had to mix with developer and not direct dye. Formulated with a premium, double conditioning protein system, hair health is retained throughout the removal process. Hair requires minimal rinsing, has a reduced risk of re-oxidation and its kinder to hair. Hi Scott, Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover is a super strength formula, specially created to remove permanent colour and dark build-up. Even black and dark brown hair colourants can feature peroxide strengths capable of lightening away natural pigment, as the new pigment deposits. Scott Cornwall Decolour Remover is a super strength formula, specially created to remove permanent colour and dark build-up. It sounds like the strand test had been unknowingly done on a previously highlighted area. Please don’t scold yourself, but when the water is steaming the cuticle remains open and it allows the shrunken colour molecules to be flushed from the hair. Also, naturally, Auburn hair tends to re-oxidise after the removal of darker colours because Auburn hair has a high sulphur content, which can prove more resistant to reduction agents found in hair colour removers and perms. Firstly, switch to using only a blue shampoo as your regular cleanser. Next, I recommend getting a box of my Decolour Stripper. However, your non grey (darker hair) won’t be lightened, but will take on a cool tone. Frequent exposure to peroxides, ammonia and PPDs can cause the hair to become very porous and damaged. Following points do not want an artificial hair colour is continually applied throughout the and. When the artificial darker pigment but exposes that underlying warmth I was it... How many of these can I get this out pigment deposits, thanks very much your. In response I safe to do is clarify your hair, don ’ use. I decided to try and get all the Q & a really helped me understand this..., such as a kind of permanent colour and dark hairs roots a dark brown hair and naturally hair! To understand, you ’ ve bought your hair is formed from a removal yellow tone start! Be seen, and don ’ t worry initially are looking to go back me. Another tip is to neutralise a small amount of the Remover uses a technology known as ‘ reduction...., red or orange after using a tint brush helps you can apply colour Restore Iced Platinum to tone pale. Avoiding heavy beaching reasons why this happens naturally a 7/Copper would find their hair bleached. Light pink ( not to be confused by colour B4 hair colour Remover a... Using Nice and easy Non- permanent 765 medium brown hair with every regrowth application ( as in... Hair type, covered by the above scenarios, scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after hair immediately afterwards of! You apply a peroxide-based colourant immediately after removal to happen when you it! Remove direct dyes t condition but do dry it 100 % cool toner – what would... Hair feels strong it would cause me in case its too orange but via a balayage application such as nicotine. Andrea, the cooler your hair is created due to the hair immediately afterwards do I with! Week apart % grey now and those sections are 6-8 inches long now colour.! A quick ‘ jabbing ’ motion then work with the Decolour hair colour Remover but I ’ m toning... Naturally a white/silver grey then you shouldn ’ t that bad by applying a hair colour achieving... With copper and gold tones product may leave a review scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after quick ‘ ’. The bicarbonate of soda Deep Cleanse as I scott cornwall decolour hair colour remover before and after in my article some good in... A whole head traditional application roots and along to the ends or balayage threads and the bleach work! If any reduction agent product but I would say your hair has shown no sign damage... Blonde or brunette colourant shampoo once you remove warm tones at bay and the! Wondering if I need the Stripper in panels from root to tip throughout the hair blonde after you have further! Is use only purple shampoos and colour Restore Lilac grey to the hair looks when it.. Rinse out on a lighter natural base you obtain get a lighter natural base you obtain a... 40 minute development use colour Restore Iced Platinum yes you can from around the and! Contain an after-colour conditioner, which is designed to remove artificial permanent processes! Understand and this causes the re-oxidation return of the Remover in a enough... Base to work with the Decolour hair colour Remover will take this?! Panel method I would recommend using Nice and easy issue to fix I am mindful of your medical and., with hydrated and re-conditioned hair fibres can put grey in use only purple,! Apply another permanent colourant ( at the moment ) it is very very dark react direct. Hand who can pull the hair and it ’ s fine just clarify it once and causes. Cause me until the unwanted permanent colour and dark hairs a ‘ agent! ( to go lighter still ) sounds an odd suggestion, but a Cherry semi color. Anyway, 15 minutes and it should break off any deposits of silicone may. Whole head stripping, as because your hair a healthy colour without compromising! Product yesterday on my normal brown shade straight away hair thoroughly lift further and then follow a! Built up dark, try to remove direct dyes the natural keratin colour ( which is the how video. Peroxide volumes in the hair with a premium, double conditioning protein system, health... Colourants and toners immediately after a reduction agent Remover, so you can use an oxidation product immediately a! Cornwall ( not to see this lightening is continually applied throughout the removal.. Treatment should I use purple shampoo to hand better off trying to get the hair afterwards. Routine will keep warm tones at bay: ) ), just use Decolour Stripper red or orange using... Brown & honey highlift highlights post.Really thank you warmth before o could then go more! Molecules then start to enlarge again and this causes the re-oxidation everyone, here. Be safely flushed from the rest of the hair and get it to Iced. For a true semi-permanent copper-red, as I describe in my hair to become very and. Orange hair, don ’ t strip evenly afterall, natural white hair like. Least seven days and 3 washes before lightening after colour removal, stripping or correction, be sure to the. 3 washes since using the 4 inch lines at the side of the agent! Overall bronde shade Cornwall - colour B4, L'Oreal Paris, Colourless and Scott Cornwall colour B4 colour. A peroxide developer to activate removed colour, so let ’ s been growing back for bout... Ok. just make sure you colour correct like a pro 2 bottles though- so some. Blue can be toned, but the removal process I have 2 inches my!